Thayer High School

My HS Graduation picture

I graduated from Thayer High School in Thayer, NE in 1957. Thayer, NE is a very small rural town about 50 miles West of Lincoln, NE. The population of Thayer, NE at the time was about 92 people (much less now).

The students at my school were mostly farm kids from the surrounding area. The year I graduated, my class had the largest class in a long time. There were 10 in my class, five boys and five girls. That made it convenient, ha. The class ahead of me had two students. The class behind me had 5 students. All 12 grades were in the same two story building. The year I graduated, there were a total of 28 students combined in the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes.

I participated in Baseball, Track, Basketball, Choir, School Plays and Monkey Business.

My school wasn't the largest and did not offer a wide choice of subjects, but we sure had a GREAT time.