My Career with Motorola
Motorola Saleperson

On September 1, 1971 I started my career with Motorola, Inc. During the 26 years with Motorola, Inc. I had the pleasure and enjoyment of working in several dynamic market groups and with a lot of great people.

My career began with the Land Mobile Division in the Regional Group serving the needs of the commercial market place until 1977 then, I moved in to the Educational Market Group serving the needs of the School Districts, Colleges and Universities. In 1980 I moved in to the State and Local Government Group serving the needs of the various departments in Local and County Governments.

In these market groups I sold every thing in the price book including Base Stations, Mobile units, Portable units, Pagers and all related hardware and fittings. The sale of two-way FM Radio systems included system design, installation, optimization, maintenance, frequency coordination and FCC licensing.

On April 1, 1984 I was promoted in to the Radio Common Carrier Group serving the needs of the RCC market place and the paging industry. The RCC Group (Area X) later became the Paging Division under the umbrella of Motorola, Inc. My primary objective was to provide pager sales, warranty, product training, market training, sales training and all other market related services and support. These services were directed to the Radio Common Carriers, their resellers and their retailers for the purpose of creating a bonding partership between all related parties.

In 1997 the Motorola Paging Division, like many other companies, was forced to downsize. On July 1, 1997 I decided to leave Motorola and start my semi retirement. However, I'm not quite ready to go in to full retirement. There may be snow on the roof but there is still a hot fire burning in the furnace. I'm interested in working for several more years and would consider all employment opportunities in a related market place and/or with any other dynamic and aggressive company.